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Flowers are always a pleasant gift to receive. The hues decorate the house and the fragrance creates a warm ambiance that is welcoming.  Flowers and Christmas are like Santa and the reindeer's; one just can’t do without the other. The style of flower arrangement varies from person to person- some like them in the good old bouquet and some want something more, a bit of creativity. To some, a basket made of raffia does it and for others, a metallic container is just perfect to hold their flowers in. Still to do with an arrangement, some may have the bigger...
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Receiving a bouquet of fresh flowers is a beautiful thing and making them last is important to brighten up your day every time you gaze upon them. Here are our pro tips for making those bouquets last those few extra days. What You'll Need Materials • A bouquet of flowers obviously• Vase or bowl• Dish soap• Bleach and/or white vinegar• White granulated sugar Tools • A sharp knife• Garden gloves Instructions 1. Ensure your vase is thoroughly clean by giving it a good wash before putting your bouquet inside. Any bacteria left inside the water if you don't clean it will eat...
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