Make your residents, clients & customers feel at ease

Give your office, reception or workspace colour and life with fresh hand ties and arrangements. We are one of the highest rated florists in Southampton and have the experience to ensure the arrangements we create do match your expectations and are in line with the colour, styling, and aesthetics that best suits your brand.


How We Work

Our process is built upon three core principles


All of our flowers are supplied by vetted wholesalers. By vetted, this means we like to get each flower from their home country (such as the Netherlands) so that they retain their home grown roots and quality.


All of our flowers are cut and conditioned with a high standard, what this means is If this wasn't done properly the flowers would be hard to work with and wouldn't last as long during the day.



Consistency starts with good communication. We'll always suggest what would work best for your brand.


Flowers to suit all experiences

We work accross all seasons including summer, spring, winter and autumn

focussing on modern foilage based bouquets to traditional rose bases

Office Receptions




Cruise Ships

Lounge & waiting areas

Corporate Events


How It Works

We prepare a range of bouquets to suit the season that are based

on your brand style every two weeks weʼll replace and setup new arrangements hassle free.



1. Choose flowers

Weʼll work with you to suggest what flowers will best match your needs given seasonality availability and what your budget is. Choosing flowers is as simple as browsing our website and looking at our suggestions in-store or over email.





2. We deliver & setup

After choosing the arrangements weʼll deliver them to the right
place and ensure the flowers are presented in their full glory. Weʼll ensure the area is cleaned and care instructions are passed on before we leave.



 3. Hassle Free Renewal

Every two weeks or for single events weʼll come back to replace the arrangements with fresh ones to ensure every customer has the same experience as the first. Weʼll always suggest new arrangement styles and seasonality changes to future-proof how your flowers will look.




Some of our clients



Request a Call Back

Have one of our experienced floristscall you back to discuss

pricesand your requirements in further detail