A simple arrangement of flowers can be a welcome reminder of happier days.

Evoking fond memories that provide comfort and the courage to prevail over grief.


Demonstrating professionalism and sensitivity, our florists can help you choose a suitable tribute from our wide selection of products. From refined elegance to gentle simplicity, dignity takes precedence, and our arrangements are tastefully organised with freshly cut blooms of the highest quality.




How We Work

Our process is built upon three core principles


All of our flowers are supplied by vetted wholesalers. By vetted, this means we like to get each flower from their home country (such as the Netherlands) so that they retain their home grown roots and quality.


All of our flowers are cut and conditioned to a high standard. This means is If this wasn't done properly the flowers would be hard to work with and wouldn't last as long during the day.



Consistency starts with good communication. We'll always suggest what would work best for your situation.


Say the right Message

We can arrange a wide range of funeral flowers however

these are the most common arrangements we recommend

 Funeral Flowers Wreaths



Funeral Flowers Hearts

Hearts & Crosses

Funeral Flowers Casket Sprays

Casket Sprays

Funeral Flowers Baskets


Funeral Flowers Posies & Cushions

Posies & Cushions

Funeral Flowers Bespoke Southampton



What type of flowers to send

Below is guidance on which flower is best to use based on what message youʼd like to say


This the most common way of saying thanks. Hydrangea will bloom for many years and are very easy to maintain; therefore, they can be an appropriate gesture to send to a family in bereavement




This is often considered the go-to funeral flower and there’s significant meaning behind this strongly aromatic blossom. Lilies suggest that the soul of the deceased has returned to a peaceful state of innocence.



Carnations are often used in funeral wreaths and standing sprays. As with other flowers, each of the colours has its own meaning. The red shows affection and the white tends to symbolise innocence. For Catholic and Christian funerals, pink carnations might be a good choice since it’s believed they were created from the Virgin Mary’s tears.




 Unlike other flowers, the meaning behind chrysanthemums varies globally. In America and Europe, the meanings focus on sympathy and honor. The colour plays a role in the meaning as well. Red symbolises love, while white symbolizes innocence.




These are mostly added into an arrangement of assorted flowers. There are a variety of thoughts behind the meaning, ranging from “you’re included in my prayers” to deep anguish.





Just like lilies, roses are a very common and appropriate funeral flower, and each colour rose has a slightly different connotation. White roses are the ultimate symbol of spirituality, purity, and innocence. At a funeral, the classic deep red rose evokes love and grief.

How Funeral Flowers Work

We prepare all arrangements in advanced, support you with logistics

and will coordinate setup on the day.  


1. Choose suitable flowers

The first thing to do is understand what funeral flowers are best suited to your relationship to the deceased and then which flower type best aligns with the message youʼd like to convey. Talking with a florist about this is the best way to know.





2. Arrange Logistics

In most instances, tribute deliveries are directed to the funeral parlour prior to the funeral, this is recommended wherever possible and allows the undertakers to arrive at the funeral destination with the flowers and the coffin together. If you require that your funeral tribute be delivered to a residential address it is best to make sure that there will be somebody available to receive the delivery at the designated time.



 3. Coordinate with you

When ordering funeral flowers please try and place your order 24 hours before the funeral and at least 48 hours for Casket Sprays due to their complexity. We'll coordinate with you throughout the process depending on the complexity of the arrangement.




Request a Call Back

Have one of our experienced florists call you back to discuss

any question you may have in further detail