Beautiful Bouquet Gift Ideas For Spreading Christmas Cheer

by Dawn Sweetman on Dec 20, 2015

Beautiful Bouquet Gift Ideas For Spreading Christmas Cheer

Flowers are always a pleasant gift to receive. The hues decorate the house and the fragrance creates a warm ambiance that is welcoming.  Flowers and Christmas are like Santa and the reindeer's; one just can’t do without the other. The style of flower arrangement varies from person to person- some like them in the good old bouquet and some want something more, a bit of creativity. To some, a basket made of raffia does it and for others, a metallic container is just perfect to hold their flowers in. Still to do with an arrangement, some may have the bigger ones at the top and work their way down with the little flowers or have them mixed up to create different patterns with the colors. Bouquets should smell enticing and look even better.

Here are some design ideas that will make your Christmas floral gift one to remember

Mix your germinis and roses

Red and white are the colors that most of us go for when we want winter bouquets, but who said that’s all there is to it? Germinis and roses especially deep colors, say red or orange- give brilliant and varied blooms. Entwining them with hypericum berries gives the bouquet a vibrancy that is refreshing as well as inviting.

Throw in colors that go with the vase

In this bouquet the hues, the flowers are mixed at random to create an eye-catching array of colors. The red alstroemeria, yellow poms and orange roses are picked at random and carefully placed together. The look for this bouquet is finished off by means of a green leather leaf in its outer portion. Cinnamon cider roses add a great effect to the whole arrangement, making it complete.

A monochromatic look

Currently, interior design is exploring the concept of color blocking to bring out different combinations with colors that were before thought not to go together. That exciting trend is incorporated into this flower arrangement. Having them in a short vase will allow the flowers to be the focal point of the whole set up. Bundled together are red alstroemerias, yellow poms and orange roses. Each color stands out on its own but the whole setup allows hues to complement each other. Wrap the vase in burlap to give a rustic look to the flowers.

A red affair

This is the kind of bouquet that has the luxurious sophistication of the typical Christmas in the Hamptons. Ruby reds are nestled in deep green foliage. The full arrangement works like a charm in getting anyone who receives it to smile. Since it is the festive season, this much red in one bouquet is a sure way to wish one all the joy and happiness they deserve.

Going wild

This beautiful display of white roses has a subtle way of bringing the Christmas cheer out of everyone. Thistle, veronica and ranunculus finish off the look with lots of Christmas foliage. It has a prefect arrangement that can pass it off as a wedding bouquet. The generous amount of foliage that fills up the flowers does well to add some green to them.

Winter and wonderland

Gypsophilia and white roses mixed with blue and green foliage form a bouquet fit for a princess. The flowers are gently sprinkled with artificial snow to bring out the season. The hues that come together to form this enchanting bouquet are show of absolute Christmas magic. The size of the bouquet is another reason to love it and the best thing about having it in your vase is that it lasts long.

The concepts of arranging, tinkering and mixing are not all the fun there is in flowers. These gifts of nature are the perfect way to say anything from the heart. In this festive season, any of the arrangements here can help you share the Christmas cheer with your loved ones in a special way. The flowers are delivered fresh so that they can stay with you for a while. Accompanying them with other gifts like candy will also provide the extra edge they need to make them that much more appealing to those who receive them.