Top 10 Festive Bouquets to Gift at Christmas

by Dawn Sweetman on Dec 13, 2016

There is no better time to treat your loved ones with fresh flowers than the holiday season. With just a single bouquet, you can express love, share the joy of Christmas, and bring out that holiday cheer in your loved ones' lives. Even better, you can arrange to have the flowers delivered on Christmas day even to friends and loved ones who will be miles away. If gifting flowers sounds like something you would like to do this season, we have made choosing the right bouquet easy for you. We have compiled a list of the top 10 festive bouquets to gift at Christmas. We have also gone a step further and given a brief description of each bouquet and highlighted where sending each bouquet would be ideal.

1. Red Poinsettia Bouquet

The Poinsettia is a Christmas icon that brings cheer and charm into the holiday season. The Poinsettia has been an important parts of Christmas decorations and this is not about to change any time soon. The flower is brightly colored and red poinsettia is usually preferred for Christmas bouquets.

Coupled with a box of chocolate, this bouquet would be an ideal gift to both family and friends. Since the poinsettia is a holiday classic, you are sure that a bouquet of this flower will be well received.

2. Roses Bouquet

A rose is one of the most celebrated flowers. The flower has been used throughout history to express great love and compassion. You can send a bouquet of red roses to anyone that you love this Christmas. If you would like to steer away from the usual red, go for white roses instead. White roses for Christmas can be sent to that colleague you appreciate or even to your parents. White just like red goes well with the Christmas décor and will give that cheer that only a rose can bring.

3. Orchids Bouquet

Orchids are exotic and a sign of delicate beauty. Orchids come in a variety of colors and you can choose one that matches with the holiday colors or go for something different. Whatever your choice, you can be guaranteed that a bouquet of orchids on Christmas morning is a great gift that will leave your friends and family happy. Send an orchid bouquet for Christmas when you want to leave a lasting impression. Even when the holiday season is gone, your loved ones will not easily forget that thoughtful orchids bouquet you sent them over Christmas.

4. Carnations Bouquet

Just like roses, carnations are widely appreciated. Though carnations come in many colors, different colors have different meanings and red carnations are usually best for Christmas. Carnations symbolize love and you can send a boutique of these flowers as a sign of love this Christmas. Carnations last longer than most flowers and can be easily incorporated into other Christmas decorations. The fact that they are widely accepted makes them a safe choice especially if you are not so sure of the flowers that the one you are sending to loves.

5. Chrysanthemums Bouquet

Chrysanthemums are widely used for decor in summer and spring. These flowers signify friendship and joy. A bouquet of the flowers can be sent as gifts to colleagues and friends. Though this flower comes in different vibrant colors, white chrysanthemums are a great choice for a Christmas bouquet. It helps that this is a late-blooming flower and finding fresh cuts around Christmas is easy.

6. Calla Lily Bouquet

Calla lily is a beautiful and elegant flower. This flower symbolizes overwhelming beauty, innocence, and youth. The flower also symbolizes rebirth and is a great gift to send to a Christian colleague or friend. The calla lily comes in a variety of colors though the white variety is the most preferred for Christmas. You can choose to send a bouquet with only calla lilies and some green here and there. Calla lilies also work well with roses and can be mixed together to form a beautiful bouquet.

7. Mistletoe Bouquet

This is another classic as far as Christmas flowers and decorations are concerned. The mistletoe bouquet mostly comprise of the green shrub, yellow flowers and white fruit. There is some rich history behind the use of mistletoe during Christmas in different communities. All in all, a mistletoe bouquet is a great way to send the holiday cheer to family and friends. You can also send a mistletoe bouquet as a sign of undying love to your significant other.

8. Ivy Bouquet

The Ivy symbolizes resurrection which makes it a great choice to send over Christmas. An Ivy also signifies love, affection, and faithfulness which makes this bouquet an ideal gift for to friends and family over the holiday season. You can be guaranteed that the Ivy flower will work as a reminder of your undying affection for your loved ones and bring some color into an otherwise dull period. Though lilies are mostly used for outside decoration especially around this period, a bouquet of lilies in a beautiful vase can be used to bring some beauty and color inside the house. 

9. Lilies Bouquet

Lilies are perfect for Christmas bouquets. There are different varieties of lilies available at any given time but Christmas lilies stand out as the best choice for the season. Christmas lilies are white and many people love them for their elegance and simplicity. A lilies bouquet would be an ideal Christmas gift for that friend who is concerned about style but likes keeping things simple. You can also send the same to those laid back members of your family.

10. Amaryllis Bouquet

This list of top 10 festive bouquets to gift at Christmas cannot be complete without mentioning the Amaryllis bouquet. If you want something that resembles a bust of fiery red trumpets, then the Amaryllis would be an ideal choice for you. The flower comes in different shades of red and you can select the one you think would be ideal. You can also ask for a mix of red and white Amaryllis in your bouquet. The Amaryllis is widely associated with the holidays and you can use a bouquet to declare love to the person who it this Christmas.

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