Creative and Exquisite Bridal Bouquet Ideas

by Dawn Sweetman on Nov 06, 2016

Creative and Exquisite Bridal Bouquet Ideas

Stunning bridal bouquets: Who doesn't love them? Or better yet, who doesn't like staring at picture after picture of beautiful wedding bouquets? Today’s bride is presented with a bunch of beautiful bridal bouquet ideas. From the colorful bouquets to monochromatic arrangements, from the most fragrant to the unscented, and from the commonplace to the rarest — picking bridal bouquets can be a little overwhelming. We are here to help. This compilation of exquisite bridal bouquet ideas will bring out your unique personality and spark your creativity. You'll love these bouquets so much; you won't want to toss them at your single friends.

1. Assorted Pink and Peach Garden Roses Bouquet

Despite its immense popularity among weddings, the Rose is far from boring. The classically romantic rose comes in different colors, and each shape and design show the gentleness and sweetness of the bouquet arrangement. The rose flower features in many fairy tales and myths, and having it in your bridal bouquet signifies beauty and love. There are more than a thousand varieties of roses, and each portrays a different meaning. The assorted pink and peach garden roses bouquet is a symbol of passion, true love, emotion, and beauty throughout the ages. For the bridal bouquet to match your wedding stationery, you can choose lavish pink wedding invitation cards to invite your wedding guest.

2. Pink and White Peony Bouquet

Peonies have a clean, soft yet beautiful feel about them. Symbolizing happiness, you can't find a more appropriate flower to incorporate into your exquisite bridal bouquet ideas. These stunning peony flowers don't wilt or get damaged easily. You can also have them made in any shade to match the color scheme of your wedding. A bouquet made purely of pink and white peonies can be very attractive and scenic. The bright color, fluffy petals and strong perfume of the peony are perfect for those who love colors and delicious fragrances. Peonies are now the new bridal bouquet staple.

3. Hydrangea Bridal Bouquet

It should come as no surprise that most brides love including fluffy hydrangeas in their bridal bouquets. Not only are these fluffy blooms showstoppers on their own, but mixed with other petals become the hallmark of any modern wedding. The hydrangea can make a traditional bridal bouquet seem magical, or add a sweet touch to the glass jars and other wedding decors. Today, hydrangeas can be found in a variety of solid colors and bi-colors to suit most wedding themes and styles. With these countless colors and varieties of hydrangeas, you can easily work with your florist to create a lovely bouquet arrangement you love. The hydrangea bouquet is also one of the most affordable exquisite bridal bouquet ideas.

4. White Lily of the Valley Bouquet

Meaning "return to happiness," the White Lily of the Valley Bouquet symbolises happiness, purity, humility, and luck. This is one of the most modern exquisite bridal bouquet ideas and has been carried by many iconic brides — including the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton. The bell-shaped florets held together by a thin stem are delicate and romantic. Its fragrance is heavenly, and the Lily of the Valley flower is sometimes known as the "ladder to heaven." You can incorporate the Lily of the Valley flower into your bridal bouquet in different ways; from small touches to the entire bouquet.


5. Dark Purple Calla Lily Bouquet

The glamorous Dark Purple Calla Lily Bouquet truly captures the beauty of the season. In the recent years, this bouquet has reached high levels of popularity and offers an extreme variety of timeless options. Also referred to as the arum lily, this flower is a symbol of "magnificent beauty." This exquisite bridal bouquet does feature not only the dark purple variety, but also the turquoise shades, bright yellow and crispy white, vertical corals, and the dark and mysterious calla lilies.


6. Bright Colored Tulip Bouquets

Meaning "happy years" and "consuming love": What better bouquet could a bride choose? From bright colored tulip bouquets to the beautiful mixed bundles, tulips incorporate one of the classic hallmarks of the happy years into your bridal blooms. The tulip is grown in a wide variety of bright colors including pastels like yellow, peach and pink; white and cream; and other vibrant colors like purple, red, and magenta. Considered one of the elegant, graceful, and exquisite bridal bouquet ideas, tulip bouquets have been brightening people’s hearts for many centuries.

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